Photo of English countryside, looking down across thatched rooftops and rural land in the distance Photo of old castle Photo of old churchyard Photo of old bridge over Thames with swans all around

England as You Never Expected

"You discover so much more about a country when traveling its waterways."    - Payne

Join American adventurer Jim Payne as he paddles down the Thames River, dodging attacking swans, camping in ancient ruins, and engaging the captivating, and at times quite amusing, people who populate England.

Payne has a knack for delving behind the unusual scenes he encounters, and before you know it, you’ve been treated to a witty, engrossing introduction to many aspects of English life, including sport, drama, law, and religion, as well as deeper mysteries about the country's affection for tradition and quaint and even counterintuitive quirks that are uniquely England!

With a keen eye for puzzles and contradictions, Payne unravels English culture with wit and understanding. You never know what’s coming next in this unusual voyage—because neither does he!